Joshua Jewettdesigner

My fully functional site will be up soon! Meanwhile, please visit downloads for samples of my work.


The process by which a seemingly insurmountable heap of information is collaboratively sorted, related and placed in order that it may become something beautiful, something useful and something more.

Not unlike a poet’s portrayal of love anew there is no right, nor wrong. A constant evaluation and obscurity entice my mind to connect with others in order to envision both a beautiful and healthy future.

A love for prose allowed me to take on the editorship of Oz Journal for the College of Architecture at Kansas State University—one of the few student-run architectural journals in the country. During this time master studies took my body, mind and twelve classmates to Sandnes, Norway to envision a future beyond a “good enough” city. We then published RDaSCP (Roasted Duck and Sugar Coated Potatoes); this is an account of our research, our process, our experiences and our vision for global city making.

I have been integrally involved in design-build projects with boxlab inc., and design work with LBA, Larry Bowne Architect, and hold experience in all project phases. My body of work encompasses office and residential projects in New York, furniture design, medical, and higher education in the midwestern United States. From international architecture and urban planning competitions to writing, publication, and graphic design, my interests aspire to what R.M. Rilke once wrote. “[T]he more one is, the richer is all that one experiences.”

I currently work at these many scales in an Arkansan design firm while pursuing licensure, competitions and other small design projects in the community.