Joshua Alexander

Designer of healthy spaces



Tonight, despite reading about our perilous economic and ecological situation (The Long Emergency by James Howard Kunstler), I can't help but feel an immense hope for those I love. My little sister, at age 26, just registered to vote in a state that has always told her she shouldn't, doesn't, and can't have a say in how she lives. She called to tell me as soon as she registered, hoping that I would be proud of her. Proud cannot fully express my gratitude for her simple courage.

Earlier today I walked with an estimated 100,000 beautiful people who are standing up, not for profit or personal gain or free alcohol, but for love. They stood and marched for the belief that we are all equal and that we have not only the power, but also the responsibility to support one another. Our community is our humanity. We cannot lose sight of this. Soon, perhaps sooner than we all think, our way of living will be contracting. We will have to learn to trust one another and live smaller. Local will no longer be a buzz word. It will be the way of life.

Starting now, I offer my hands to you in support of beauty, love, and fulfillment.